Kilkenny Elections Guide

The local elections take place on 23 May 2014 and in an effort to make sense of what’s happening in Kilkenny, I’ve put together to list the candidates running in the new electoral areas in Kilkenny as well as providing some background information on the areas and the elections themselves. Contributions of information from…

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Testing MacJournal

So, the latest MacHeist bundle is out, and included with it comes MacJournal. This, is merely a test post to that case, connecting MacJournal on the desktop, back to a WordPress install.

Theatre Workstation

MacBook Pro, Tracktor Kontrol S4, manual Strand LX desk – tools of the trade for last week’s performance run of Devious Theatre’s Some Flood at Cleere’s, Kilkenny. Hilarity ensued.

JP Ryan at Set Theatre, Kilkenny

The 50mm lense is the accompaniment, for now, for gigs locally. Here’s two shots from JP Ryan‘s launch night for Take a Walk With Me at Set Theatre last night, joined later in the show by Clive Barnes. Time to get shopping for a new gig lense. Find more over at

Work Continues on

Work continues on Having resurrected the site at the end of January after about 18 months of relative inactivity, this weekend replaced the straight up blog style design used to get things back on track with a more interactive magazine style for the homepage. The Mashable-inspired MashMenu is a handy plugin to use for…

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