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Creative Links for 2007-02-08

Web 2.0 Colour Palette Picked this one up via a comment on the Segala blog… if you’re a designed and want access to some ‘web 2.0’ colour inspiration then this is a good post to start with. (tags: design web2.0 colour)

Creative Links for 2006-10-11

Mighty Seek Web Application Security Podcast and Blog. A dream plugin for Podcasters using WordPress. Full featured and automatic feed generation (RSS2, iTunes and ATOM and BitTorrent RSS) (tags: podcasting podcast)

Creative Links for 2006-09-28 Soccer statistics from almost 100,000 players and nearly 500,000 games. Great stats available on the Premier League going back to 1992/93, as well as other national leagues and competitions. (tags: soccer statistics) The RSSSF Archive R.S.S.S.F. stands for Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation. It was originally founded as NERSSSF (for Northern European Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation) in…

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Creative Links for 2006-09-19

Interesting High-speed Video Clips The video clips below were filmed with a special high-speed camera. The super slow-motion playback lets you visualize effects that cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a standard video camera. (tags: video)

Creative Links for 2006-09-15

Internet Archive: Feature Films Classic feature films and shorts available for download – legally, and free! (tags: movies ipod) I like this one…. A lot of the videos already come iPod friendly (MP4 format), managed to pick up a copy of Night Of The Living Dead 🙂

Creative Links for 2006-09-14

Irish Entrepreneur Online Ireland’s Top Business Magazine… or so they say. You can subscribe online, get access to various directories, reviews and plenty of information for that entrepreneurial mind of yours (tags: entrepreneur business) Update…. Don’t count your chickens and suggest a link before reading the magazine! (That tip is for me!) What appears nice…

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Creative Links for 2006-09-01

AJAX O2 Texter Written by Donal O’Connor, this should help all O2 customers avoid the grief of using the O2 website. Enter your mobile number and O2 site password and away you go, free to send text messages (tied to your O2 online account). Texts deliver fine and you’re (tags: sms)

Creative Links for 2006-08-10

Hairy Baby Clothing Company Funky Irish t-shirts for men,ladies, kids and babies by Hairy Baby Clothing Company. Irish owned and run. (tags: clothing business)

Creative Links for 2006-08-09

Pro Music Everything you need to know about music online (tags: music) The Irish Charts All you need to know, the Irish music charts going back to the early 60s including radio charts, christmas charts, facts, figures and more. Pretty good source. (tags: music)

Creative Links for 2006-08-04

Copyscape Website Plagiarism Search – Web Site Content Copyright Protection (tags: plagiarism blogging) Sign into all of your IM screen names at once, save your preferences (like sounds and appearances), and if you’d like, store your IM conversations in meebo chat logs! (tags: web2.0)