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Creative Links for 2006-07-30

TIME Magazine Top 100 Movies Presenting the all-time 100 best films as chosen by TIME’s movie critics Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel. Nice one for a movie buff! (tags: movies) 2006 Kilkenny Battle Of The Bands Blog coverage of the 2006 Battle Of The Bands taking place in Kilkenny throughout August and September of 2006,…

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Creative Links for 2006-07-27

Zend Framework Now, the world’s most popular web programming language gets even better with an easy to use framework for developing the next generation of web applications. (tags: php opensource) Ping-o-Matic! Automatically ping services such as Feed Burner, My Yahoo, Technorati, PubSub, Feedster and more (tags: blogging)

Creative Links for 2006-07-26

JoomlaCollection Joomla Components, Joomla Modules, Joomla Plugins – Extensions (tags: joomla) Liverpool Access Liverpool Football Club News, Views, Results and More (tags: soccer) Bathroom LED Tiles Exactly as it says – LED embedded tiles for your bathroom, for the techie who can’t take a bathroom trip in the dark! (tags: design)

Creative Links for 2006-07-12

Adsense Beautifier “Images can be use to increase our click through rate. You can add image next to your adsense to increase your Click Through Rate. Is it legal? Yes, but you have to add line to separate your image to adsense. Even google do this way to their new adsense f (tags: adsense)

Creative Links for 2006-06-28

JenSense Making Sense of Contextual Advertising, published by Jennifer Slegg (tags: advertising) Table cellspacing CSS Good CSS tip for designers, if you’ve ever had issued controlling borders of tables via CSS, its worth making a little note of this…. (tags: css)

Creative Links for 2006-06-27

ecto for Windows 2.1 beta ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows, supporting a wide range of weblog systems, such as Blogger, Blojsom, Drupal, MovableType, Nucleus, TypePad, WordPress… (tags: blogging) Streamripper An Open Source (GPL) application that lets you record streaming mp3 to your hard drive (tags: audio opensource mp3) A…

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Creative Links for 2006-06-25

Jennifer Government: NationStates NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society’s less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately o (tags: gaming) GoodStorm to offer e-commerce widget with 50% revenue split…

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Creative Links for 2006-06-24

plazes.beta Plazes is not only a web site, it is a service you can use to add location awareness to other applications you frequently use. Display your location in your favorite messenger or set your Skype mood message. (tags: web2.0) SiliconBeat: raises $12 million more — to try seventh time lucky (tags: siliconbeat) Using…

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