Happy Birthday To Us

According to the business certificate here in the office, we’re officially one year old, so happy birthday to us! The fact that I’ve still got a job and there’s now three of us working here I would consider a good thing. Maybe now we can afford those blank cd’s we’ve been meaning to order all…

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Bill Lynch – Entrepreneur Of The Year

He took the South African Entrepreneur Of The Year award and now Irish-born and bred Bill Lynch has been named the 2006 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. On speaking about where he gets his drive (about two weeks ago)… I think it comes from a competitive element, it comes from talking about it,…

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Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Spend Ad Money

Launching the business last year we spent a certain amount on repeat advertising in the local press – black and white ads, full colour ads, single column, double column, large ads, front page, back page…. it all adds up and doesn’t get you a real return. I don’t really agree with newspaper advertising to be…

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