Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Spend Ad Money

Launching the business last year we spent a certain amount on repeat advertising in the local press – black and white ads, full colour ads, single column, double column, large ads, front page, back page…. it all adds up and doesn’t get you a real return. I don’t really agree with newspaper advertising to be fair, I see it more like a necessary evil. Papers gotta fill space, you gotta advertise your services.

With Kilkenny Music, I keep the advertising spend to near null. It might cost me 20 euro to financially promote an event or gig where I can generate several hundred euro in return (providing people turn up of course). I could look at running promotion in the newspaper of course, and pay up to several hundred euro and still end up with the same amount of people in the venue.

So the numbers might be a bit different. Small business, with big products, and another venture with small products but massive repeat business and massive longevity.
So Dane Carson’s recent article, guest authored by Matthew Lesko in his crazy blue question mark suit raises a point…

“Anybody Can Spend Money On Advertising But Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Pay Rate Card, And If They’re Real Clever, They Figure Out A Way Not To Pay Anything Up Front At All”

While I consider myself a beginner to the world of business and looking after your own business ventures, I like the final quote. If there is a way not to pay anything up front at all – or anything at all for that matter – you will find it, and should find it.

Go out and get a little creative if you can! Or just read the article…. goes down well with a cup of tea and some of those large Cadbury’s cookies we got this morning 🙂


  1. Michele May 20, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    Anyone who pays rate card for advertising should be shot!

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