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Mobile Roaming On Mount Everest

Do you think the new EU roaming agreement would extend to the Nepalese border? Or maybe a Roam4Free sim, get a good price before you go mountain climbing? Looks like there’s no problem making a phone call from the summit of Mount Everest anyway. Good to know in case you ever get stuck there!

National Texting Championships Eh?

I think I’ve really seen it all now (bar seeing a man eat his own head, of course) but the LG National Texting Championships have been and gone, and wouldn’t you know the winner was a 13-year-old girl (Morgan Pozgar). She even picks up $25,000 and her opponent in the final, almost ten years her…

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The old mobile blog is back up and running under the new owner of the domain, Michele Neylon, who acquired the domain from myself last month. After a short while pointing to a search page, the blog is now up and running with Michele looking to use it to “talk about matters related to mobile…

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