Grass Skirts In Twelve Shades Of Grazr

As James pointed out earlier on, Grazr themes are now available, coming in twelve tasty flavours. I had been looking at my own style for it (although never got around to implementing it) but have to say that I’m quite impressed with the new offering. If you take a look at the sidebar on the…

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A Little Grazing On The Side

Kudos to James for the mention of Mobileblogr (don’t know about “Ireland’s most prolific blogger but some day I’ll try make sense of it all!) and for again alerting me to the benefits of Grazr. I’ve been looking for a convenient way to tie my little growing blog network together (currently totalling 8 active blogs…

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OPML Irish Directory

Following some discussion between myself and James Corbett of the Eirepreneur blog, I’ve decided to get involved with the Open Irish Directory providing links for Irish Film.

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