Kilkenny To Become A “Free Wireless” City?

By the reading of today’s Kilkenny Advertiser, moves are being made by Kilkenny Borough Council to make Kilkenny “the first city in Ireland to provide universal free wireless internet access” in and around the city itself. Given Kilkenny’s positioning as the “creative capital” of Ireland and the success of recent events like PodCamp Ireland, a…

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Enabling 802.11n Access On Mac Book Pro – I’m Now ‘Extreme’

Last night myself and the others at at sat down late (say 9:30pm) in Studio A for a short meeting followed by the recording of the 19th Sound System Podcast. Internet access was a must before the recording – some last minute research, checking of dates, sampling of music etc. Ross was flying away…

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Are Fonera’s Worth It?

Talking to Bernie in Kilkenny earlier today mentioned the FON routers in conversations, something I’ve looked at before – primarily as a cheap means to getting a wireless router into the house so I don’t have to worry about drilling through walls and doing a bit of wiring… So at the price they are –…

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Happy Birthday To FON

The “world’s largest wifi community”, FON, celebrates its first birthday (via Vecosys). Though I haven’t taken any part in the sharing of WiFi (namely as I still don’t have a wireless setup at home – update: that is an FON setup) I’m fully behind the idea of FON and think its a great movement for…

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