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Rolling On To Smitten

The artwork for the latest Devious Theatre production, Smitten (which I’m using both my acting and producing for) has landed in the Dropbox (a vital tool for theatre companies, has to be said) and made its way to the printer this morning. The poster is the result of a long day of green screen photography…

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Skoda Superb Combi Advert

In a former life, car ads were all about the boot space, how many kids you could cram in, how many miles to the gallon, how much the tax would be, the safety standards… If there’s one way of making your car advert stick out, it’s got to be including a performance like the above…

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Learn More About Online Marketing, For Free

In checking the email this morning I was delighted to find a copy of Damien Mulley’s Online Market Document in my inbox. Through, Damien recently posted he would be giving away his online marketing notes, usually reserved for those attending the courses he runs and while I’ve not been to any of his courses…

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