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The Gamechanger: AOL Acquire Bebo In $850m Cash Deal

One of my former employers have announced that they’ve acquired Bebo , currently ranked as the third largest social network in the US, behind MySpace and Facebook, and likely the widest used social network within Ireland. The deal sees AOL purchase Bebo in a US$850m cash deal, a price significantly higher than that paid for…

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Social Networking Is On The Rise

My bebo profile, click here to view. Who would have guessed it, but social networking is on the rise, or so says the Kilkenny Advertiser. An article by Brigid O Gorman in yesterday’s Advertiser here in Kilkenny looks at the power and rise of Bebo, although in terms of social networks doesn’t make much of…

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Social Linking – Where Am I?

I’m not featured on pBase or hiding out as a photographer in the Caribbean but I am lurking in various social networks on the web, and this is where you’ll find me. MySpaceMySpace is mainly used through and my constant contact with bands. More and more I see the gigs being organised via MySpace…

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Bebo Now A Political Playground?

Notice to politicians… call to my front door, try flag me down in the street or have a word with me at a gig but keep comments like these off my Bebo page, blog, MySpace…. you get where its going. If this is going to be the “in thing” now in the run up to…

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