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The Adventure of The Hidden Microfilm

Saturday night was spent in the company of the Vultures cast and crew in Kilkenny as a select bunch of us hit one of Kilkenny’s taverns for the premiere of the latest installment of the Vultures webcom, The Adventure of The Hidden Microfilm. Watch it above via or check out The Pinkertons are…

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Tuesday Push: Tuesday Push

photo credit: Valerie Everett Some say you should crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run, look before you leap. On a Tuesday, it’s nice to push before you’re pushed. The Tuesday Push is a chance to shed the light on a company or service in Ireland, introducing those getting the push to…

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iPhone Announced For O2 Ireland Later This Morning

So O2 have confirmed that they are the exclusive Irish carriers of the Apple iPhone. This was pretty much a given considering O2 are the exclusive carriers in the UK. Scouting around the blogosphere this morning, Engadget are reporting that the iPhone will retail at €399 inc. VAT for the 8gb model retail at €499…

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