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N95 8GB Dropped Calls

When it comes to the weekend, there’s just no stopping my phone from ringing. As soon as office hours are done with, it becomes open season for friends and family to call me, something which was more of an occurrance this weekend than ever before I reckon. On Friday though, I had several phone calls…

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iPhone Ships March 14th Wearing A 1GB Cap

As mentioned earlier, the Apple iPhone has been announced by O2 and will be available to the public from March 14th 2008. The rumoured prices of €399 (8gb model) and €499 (16gb model) are also true. Three tariffs have also been announced by O2 €45 p/m inc 175 anytime minutes, 100 texts, 1gb data €65…

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iPhone Announced For O2 Ireland Later This Morning

So O2 have confirmed that they are the exclusive Irish carriers of the Apple iPhone. This was pretty much a given considering O2 are the exclusive carriers in the UK. Scouting around the blogosphere this morning, Engadget are reporting that the iPhone will retail at €399 inc. VAT for the 8gb model retail at €499…

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iPhone Fever Set To Grip The UK?

It looks like the UK are going to get an iPhone announcement. At least that what you might believe upon the readings. The invitations extended for the press event on the 18th (next Tuesday) bear resemblance to those issued for the recent US event which saw the price drop of the iPhone, launch of iPod…

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Nokia N95 8GB – Christmas Present Dressed In Black

When I was down in the O2 store recently to collect a Nokia E50 for I toyed around a little with a Nokia N95 display model and thought – yep, sure is pretty. Then you read God knows how many good things about it online, see the blog reports, the videos, catch photos of…

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