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Rolling On To Smitten

The artwork for the latest Devious Theatre production, Smitten (which I’m using both my acting and producing for) has landed in the Dropbox (a vital tool for theatre companies, has to be said) and made its way to the printer this morning. The poster is the result of a long day of green screen photography…

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Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! Artwork

SURROUNDING YOURSELF with fantastic creatives (i.e. incredibly creative people) can be great for your health. It can be great for your sanity. It can inspire all kinds of creative thoughts of your own, bring ideas to life and much more. Of course, if you’re like me, it can leave you with a cap, a white…

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300 vs The Irish Web Awards

The fun has started amongst those going to the Web Awards in October with buttons and graphics. Prompted by a call for a 300 mashup, here’s my little offering… If anyone is interested, I’ve got a 5000x3000px version available as well… Disclaimer: This is a mashup… the original 300 imagery is copyright of the original…

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