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Roaming Cap In Play Today

All of a sudden it seems that I’ve come from a family who like to travel a lot. I’ve managed to get away twice this year, most recently to Portugal at the end of the May. My brother has just returned from there. My grandparents are just back from Poland. One cousin has just left…

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Another Step Forward For MAXroam with SeaRoam

Reading in the Examiner today that MAXroam have taken another huge step forward in announcing their next partnership deal, this time with international charity, the Mission to Seafarers. The partnership sees MAXroam sim cards branded up as SeaRoam sim cards, along with the introduction of a scratch-card type pre-paid setup, with cards available in every…

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Go Mobile, Not Broke with Cubic Telecom and Qik

Go Mobile, Not Broke. You’ve got to love the tagline. And you’ve got to love the fact that an Irish company keeps getting bigger and broader. The mail this morning brings news that Cubic Telecom in Cork have followed their already existing partnerships with Dopplr, GetCover Insurance, Big Red Book and others to partner up…

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MAXroaming In Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand

As I got to enjoy the use of my MAXroam sim in Germany back in January, I’m “donating it to the cause” in a few weeks, sending my sim and a capable mobile to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand as my father will spend 2-3 weeks cycling between different areas in the three countries. I would…

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MAXroam To Launch Today

Previewed at TechCrunch40, Cork-based MAXroam (formerly roam4free) launches later today with Cubic Telecom getting its launch next month. Kickoff for MAXroam looks set to be midday (12pm GMT) today and if you purchase a MAXroam sim, something I intend to do as I’ll be traveling in November this year along with trips to Toronto and…

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