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Host Your Own Mix Tape

Muxtape was great. Then it got shut down. Now it’s on the way back. You could upload any mp3s you wanted, get Muxtape to host a mix tape for you, pass the link around, provide download access to the MP3s etc. While Muxtape is set to make a return and allow the hosting of playlists…

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Convert DOCX To DOC On A Mac (OSX)

One of the developments of Microsoft Office 2007 was the introduction of the Office Open XML file format for Word Documents (extension is .docx), presentations etc. One of my clients has apparently upgraded in recent days as the new attachments I receive are all .docx, unreadable on the Mac in Office 2004, OpenOffice, any way…

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Keeping The XP Machine Rolling

It looks like HP and Dell are going to continue shipping XP machines well past the June 30 expiry date, both manufacturers making use of “downgrade rights” offered as part of the Windows Vista license agreement. While new XP orders will phase out from mid-June this year, new customers will be able to pick up…

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