Bloglines for Newbies

Firefox is quite comfortable in handling RSS feeds for myself but even on my office computer (not counting my home set up) I’ve over 80 blogs feeding in, with different ones again set up at home and its starting to get tricky to manage them all – so whats an online solution? Bloglines.

As an online feed reader it works well. People who use it (those who I know using it) can’t complain – so I figured, why not. I first hit Bloglines about 18 months ago before starting my last year in college and started showing a few folks the use of blogs for projects but I came across a good article for newbie users today courtesy of Eric Zorn at the Chicago Tribune…. simply titled ’23 real simple steps to making your Internet life much better’.

Worth taking a look if handling those feeds is getting tricky and you don’t want to go spending money!

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