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Via The Mobile Herald this morning I see that Google have launched yet another service (I refused to comment on the launch of Google Payments as I think its pointless – why don’t they just share!) and have teamed up with Sony Ericsson to launch two blog-friendly phones.

Blog-friendly you ask? I’ve got an SE P900 for personal use, at this stage its a little bit battered, but the large screen (which people have a habit of picking up and poking) means that I can browse the net via GPRS or whatever other means, hit my blog or some forums and make posts for the day relatively hassle free.

    The first time the user selects ‘blog’, Google’s servers automatically create a unique address on its blogspot for that particular handset/SIM card combination.Better still it will be entirely feasible for the user to customize his or her blogspot address from the handset – no need to access a PC.

The idea now is that you take a picture or text message and as opposed to ‘send via MMS’ you simply choose ‘send via blog’ and it picks up on your Blogger acount where it couldn’t be easier (seemingly) for novices to post to their Google blog.

I’m just wondering how good a mobile blogging service it will be? What will happen to our lovely flickr interactions and technorati tagging and social bookmarking and on and on…. If you run a blog on blogger (which I don’t, as far as I know anyway) could you see yourself rushing out to get one of these phones? Hell, how long anyway before we see a Google mobile phone service be launched to rival O2? Sure they may as well….

I’m not bitter – I swear! Just think its a bit on the silly side…


  1. Pavlos March 2, 2006 at 12:28 am

    I honestly think few serious bloggers would use a moblog as their main blogging platform today. Way too limiting. However, competition in the mobile telephony sector does call for added services ever so often. So, I think I’d look at that as an added service for mobile phone users to play with. Not something bloggers should actively pursue.

  2. Ken March 2, 2006 at 9:44 am

    my thoughts exactly 🙂

    just another frilly feature for mobile operators

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