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Just came across this one today…. Podcasting Ireland, lead by Helen Shaw (former Director of Radio at RTÉ). Damn nice site too….

We are a new and dynamic Irish company. Digicast Ltd aims to exploit digital technology to fully maximise its potential to transform content creation and communications. We have created www.podcastingireland.ie as a portal for all things relating to podcasting in Ireland as well as a portal for new podcasting channels like Making Waves (free music podcast).

Seems to be on top of things when it comes to providing useful information. With free podcasts available from the site, there is also help available for those looking to start podcasting themselves…

Podcastingireland.ie provides free podcasts for all its members. Just register with some basic details to help us provide you with what you want, and then you can listen when you want. Programmes range from features on up and coming musicians in Ireland, to the best comedy antics from Irelands favourite comedians, to educational podcasts.

As well as listening to our content we can help you create your own podcasts. We also have a Podcasting Directory which will help you navigate the world of Podcasting. Here we have links to other Irish podcasts and popular global podcasting websites along with our top 10 podcasts for the week.

Certainly one to throw down in the del.icio.us bookmarks. Not sure when it launched…. but theres a great music selection in there (my main interest, given my podcasting plans). Nice to see how it works out as a free service…

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  1. Paul Browne May 20, 2006 at 3:24 pm

    Think these guys launched at the Irish Blog Awards back in March – good to see they’re doing well.

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