Because Charity Feels Good

Update – the ball has started rolling and long may it continue… seems like he’s managed to rope in a few extra jumpers as well!

Off the topic today and for a good reason too -  John is doing some fund raising for a most tremendous cause to help raise finance for a course of treatment for his girlfriend who suffers from a rare degenerative disease called Freidreichs Ataxia.

Anyway, Mr. Butler is going to throw himself out of a plane (with a parachute) to start the proceedings and has set up a website, to take donations. If you’re interested, and I hope that you are, you can contribute $2 via PayPal or sponsor more if you wish.

There’s a long road to go in trying to raise the total amount given a complete lack of funding by the HSE or Irish Government so hopefully this will set things on its way.

You can read John’s own post here, or visit

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