A Musical Suggestion Or Two

If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest some listening for your in office / late night workings… The Animatrix Soundtrack (not an affiliate link).

Had a listen to it in work today and its currently playing out through the headphones (got myself a handy pair of technics headphones for mixing) and its one damn fine soundtrack. Perfect music to live, work or sleep by, especially with my ever increasing late night working habits.

If I may make another musical suggestion I suppose I should say that The Happy Medium (the royal we as a band) have released a new demo of ‘Fairground Attraction’ which I originally penned many a year ago. The song has been transported right through its acoustic phase, indie phase and now into its rightful position as a quite upbeat funky tune. The track itself is available for download on MySpace and if you’re going to take a listen to it, I wouldn’t mind a bit of feedback all the same. Free music? Yes please!

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