When Gaming Can Get You A Job…. Almost

I love Football Manager. I’ve been an avid fan of the series since its earlier days as Championship Manager and going back further afield to the likes of Tactical Manager in the mid 90s. In more recent years four of us would get together every couple of weekends, settle ourselves in with a case of beer in the fridge, a Chinese takeaway at some stage of the night and enjoy countless hours trying to take our respective teams to the top of the leauge in good old lan game fashion.

Even after ten years or so of playing the game we still recount great matches down through the years, fantastic signings, cup finals… whatever. But its all a fantasy.

Except for John Boileau, who recently took his computing gaming experience to the next level. Having enjoyed ingame success with the likes of Doncaster, Nuneaton Borough, Rushden & Diamonds and in later years Liverpool, Real Madrid and more, John decided to apply for the vacant post at Premier League club, Middlesbrough. In real life.

John sent the application back in May, along with his footballing CV based on his exploits in the game, and to his credit, got a sweet letter back from Boro chairman Steve Gibson.

Check it out here.

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