Lidl To Start Dealing Broadband

They might only ever have two people working the checkouts (which is one of my pet hatreds of shopping there) but according to Om Malik’s blog this evening they’re about to become the next big supermarket broadband dealer.

Lidl, a German discount supermarket – think Walmart type operation – is going to start selling discount broadband packages soon. The company plans to offer high speed connections for about 20 Euros a month. They will also sell a VoIP-based phone service as well.

If you squeeze in between the german sausages and coleslaw at the end of the shop, you might just find that 6mb broadband connection you’ve been looking for. No word on if the Irish chain of stores, of which there is one in Kilkenny and likely one in your own home town too will be offering the service but the plans are in place to roll it out in Europe.

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  1. Pavlos July 7, 2006 at 12:35 am

    The only thing I’ve ever bought in a Lidl was a pack of plastic straws, so I could quickly get out of there through the express cashier line. I then immediately disposed of the straws in the recycling bin outside.

    Now broadband is something you don’t eat or have to come into physical contact with, so I guess it would be OK to get it from there… If it was dirt cheap and actually worked!

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