Standardising Sitemaps? About Time!

(via) Interesting developments on the web front over the last week what with Java being opensourced and now the web’s big three (Google, Microsoft and Yahoo) agreeing to a standard sitemap protocol for developers. At a basic level, a sitemap is a top-down view of the link structure of your site with a sitemap itself being an XML file used to describe each of those links in turn, sitemaps making things a lot easier for search engines and web users to find content (and up to date content) on your website.

Interesting to see what else lies on the collaborative front between these three.

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  1. Hong Xiaowan, hongxiaowan November 26, 2006 at 5:55 am
    Sitebases, the next protocol after Sitemaps
    It can save the time and press for the search engine, also for the websites.
    It can bring new search engine that named Search Engine 2.0.
    Using Sitebases protocol, will save 95% bandwidth above. It is another sample for long tail theory.
    In this protocol, I suggested that all search engine can share their Big Sitebases each other, so the webmaster just need to submit their Sitebases to one Search Engine.
    And I suggested that all search engines can open their search API for free and unlimited using.

    Please visit:

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