$30m Investment For Medio

Medio SystemsMobile search startup, Medio Systems, has just announced it is to benefit from US$30m in investment funding according to SeattlePI.com. Mobile search development has been a massive part of mobile news of late, Google launching their own mobile service while in the US mobile operator Sprint have announced a partnership with Microsoft to launch a new mobile search facility.

On Medio itself –

Created specifically for mobile, the Medio Search System combines an intuitive, effortless user interface with powerful recommendation and personalization technologies, for a search experience that keeps subscribers coming back.

On the web, a search normally results in pages of links, leaving users to browse for information. On a mobile device, the time and effort required for a traditional search prevents subscribers from finding and purchasing the mobile content they want. Medio’s technologies provide a click-saving experience, returning answers instead of links. And Medio’s proprietary ranking algorithms balance the subscriber’s preferences, device, location and other information to present personalized, relevant results.

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