Samsung i600 – Worlds Thinnest 3G Phone

Being the thinnest phone isn’t a title you get to hold onto in the current mobile market for too long, but Samsung can say they’ve got the world’s thinnest 3G qwerty phone now thanks to the release of the i600, the first 3G smartphone with HSDPA and its running Windows Mobile 5.0.

It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi, bluetooth (2.0) and support for podcasting and RSS feeds. Tasty stuff.

From the press release

Samsung Ultra Messaging i600 users can listen to stereo-quality music and view high quality video clips with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and a Bluetooth stereo headset. Internet browsing rivals the PC experience due to the device’s large 2.3” high-quality color screen and wireless broadband capabilities. The Samsung Ultra Messaging i600 also includes a speakerphone, built-in voice recognition and support for a 1.3 megapixel digital camera that can record video.

Built-in Pocket MSN offers consumers the consistent and familiar user experience that they currently enjoy with MSN Messenger on their desktops. With this offering, users will automatically have a separate Inbox for Hotmail messages on their device. They will also be able to view their buddy list and chat instantly with their contacts, whenever and wherever they want. All of these features are packed into a slim design, which makes the Ultra Messaging i600 the ideal balance of work and play. The Ultra Messaging i600 is comfortable to hold with a slim body and has a soft finishing which gives it a good grip.

I would have expected their camera (at 1.3mp) to be a little stronger for 3G use (though you also have the now-standard camera at front AND back on the phone). Interesting to see how it fares in the UK market or if we see it hit the Irish one.

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  1. Jaro September 24, 2007 at 8:15 am

    Samsung i600 WORKS WELL :calling, messaging excellent quality with skype for smartphones. After upgraded from windows mobile 5 to wm 6. If you have prolems with updating from wm5 to wm6 or your skype desn’t work, freezes or doesn’t sart. Write to will help!

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