VIDEO: PES 2016 Goals Compilation #1

While I figure I can do a much better job bringing the footage on to the MacBook, this is a first attempt at a compilation clip using Share Factory on the PlayStation 4.

First impressions, at least based on the options available to you is that there’s potential but it’s certainly limited. Cutting down 4-5 minutes of footage, fixing lengths, removing transitions and adding a stock music track took about 15-20 minutes, plus another few minutes on the upload by adding my YouTube account to my SEN account.

It’s certainly time consuming but that should come down with practice. For the football followers, the above clips are goals from PES 2016’s Master League mode, kicking off with PSG (goals from Ibrahimovic, Cavani and Lavezzi).

Having picked up the PS4 at the end of 2014, it’s taken me until now to start doing something productive with the video footage. There’s hours of FIFA highlights, Assassin’s Creed highlights, high speed chases and stunt sequences in Grand Theft Auto V and more that could do with assembly but it’s a start…

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