Interesting eBay Statistics For Ireland

Just caught the clip from yesterday on users on Morning Ireland, with Irish MD John McElligott revealing the following… Leitrim users are the biggest purchasers of books and magazines on Wicklow users are the biggest purchasers of arts supplies People in Cavan spend the most in the country on toys and games People…

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I Can’t Understand

I love eBay, love shopping on it, love random night time browsing on it thinking “yeah… gotta get me one of those”. Their facilities are good, the service is trusted worldwide and normally things are easy to find out if you’re stuck! So why, if I try to contact a seller in the US, through…

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Paul Simon Tickets Now On eBay

Those Paul Simon tickets I mentioned before the weekend are now listed on eBay if you’re interested…. 2 X Seated, Block A (Ground Floor), Row WW (Set one) 2 X Seated, Block A (Ground Floor), Row WW (Set two) If you’re interested in all four tickets, the seats are all together. Tickets available for collection…

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