Interesting eBay Statistics For Ireland

Just caught the clip from yesterday on users on Morning Ireland, with Irish MD John McElligott revealing the following…

  • Leitrim users are the biggest purchasers of books and magazines on
  • Wicklow users are the biggest purchasers of arts supplies
  • People in Cavan spend the most in the country on toys and games
  • People in Waterford spend the most on sporting items while eBay members living in Galway sell the most sports related items on

With eBay around you can’t ever say you’re stuck for something to do online while browsing. Many hours I’ve lost (or spent with intent) on eBay shopping around, seeing what other people are offering. Still my first point of call for cheap tech bits, most recently a headset adapter running to a 3.5mm jack input w/mic for my Sony Ericsson K800i, makes for a very cheap car kit for the phone!

Check the RTE news item from yesterday or have a listen here (scroll about 3/4 way down the list of news items).

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