How To Write A Press Release (9Rules)

I’ve gotten used to writing press releases over the past 18 months for and its great to see them get republished without any changes. Of course, newspapers like you and the content they publish to remain professional, as non-objective as possible and in line with the paper’s own ethos. Of course, press releases are…

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The IT Crowd Returns

Joy of joy, doing some “forum cruising” tonight I came across several posts stating that Channel 4 have commissioned a second, 8-episode series of The IT Crowd. Can anyone confirm this at all? Hard to find details on C4’s own site. For those of you not in the know (via Wikipedia) The IT Crowd is…

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What Kind Of Person Are You?

One for the internet uers among us (I think that counts for everything if you’re reading the blog!)… Which File Extension are You? Which OS are You?