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Revenge Through Spamming

I can see a head rolling for this one but by the looks of things, someone at CityJet (possibly but not 100% confirmed) is up shit’s creek with their IP logged as registering Damien Mulley for several dating sites, writing up untrue and possible libellous profiles. Bad form on their part in a big way,…

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Blog Awards Inspiring New Bloggers

If the Irish Blog Awards achieved one thing at the weekend it was in inspiring new bloggers to emerge and contribute to the social web. While I’m currently leading the blog count in the KKM team (some of which I think I’m going to trim unfortunately), the other three (pictured amongst the latest flickr upload)…

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Irish Blog Awards Photos

I’ve started to upload some photos from the blog awards, I know Ross has a couple as well so I’ll see if I can steal those from him. Here’s Daw and Phil at the bar, prior to heading in to plonk ourselves down for the show. More here… @Conor – There’s pics of Ross in…

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Well, That Was Some Craic (Irish Blog Awards)

So…….. Back to the grindstone after the weekend away in Dublinia, gotta say – some craic.I caught Bernie’s post last night on ‘whats the craic’ and there was certainly more than a few pints had in the local! Sure, we didn’t win Best Music, and muchos congratulations to Niall for doing so but I think…

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Destination Dublin

Currently loading up the iPod ahead of the roadtrip to Dublin tomorrow lunchtime. Reckon we (the four of us travelling for should hit the Big Smoke by 3 or 4pm, out to the hotel to freshen up before letting loose at the bar in the Alexander. As far as I know, I’ll have the…

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Booked It, Packed It, F*#ked Off

No going back now, book the hotel for five of us to make the trip to the Blog Awards. If anything, it’ll be a session and a good night. Considering bringing some kinda of dictaphone and making a podcast out of the night, after all it will be our 10th podcast (nice to finally…

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Shortlist Revealed For Irish Blog Awards

Well well well… the nominees are out of the proverbial internet bag for the Irish Blog Awards. While and didn’t make it this year, I’m delighted to see that is up there for best music. Just in time for a bundle load of new features that I’ve been working on pretty much…

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Last Chance For Vote At Irish Blog Awards

Yep… thats it, time is almost up on your chance to vote for the likes of, (Best Technology, Best Design), (Best Sport), Mobileblogr (Best Technology) and The Kilkenny Music Blog (Best Music). If you haven’t voted yet and you’d like to vote for one of my nominations (thanks to those in particular who…

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New York Here I Come!

I need somone to FIX the raffle at the blog awards so I get to head to New York! Fantastic offer from (i’m already an affiliate and have been for a good while). A long weekend in the Big Apple or a week in Thailand? Hell yeah!