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Extending the blog count to around 11 or something, I’ve launched a blog for which will be used for band and gig news as well as tracking updates and developments from the site, hopefully encouraging an increased use of the site.

The blog itself while maintained primarily by myself should over time incorporate an additional three writers. At a meeting Wednesday night we outlined the structure for the management of the site which lightens my workload somewhat. As a result, we’ve also increased content areas for the year in order to boost the appeal of the magazine side of as much as the forums would be used, the artists profiles etc. These include demo and album reviews, technical articles written by our engineers, gig reviews etc.

The Blog

The blog will then be used a promotional tool for some of the member only features of the site (e.g in the forums, highlight the ongoing debate over Scuba Dice appearing on You’re A Star and if users want to comment, forward comments through to the forum as opposed to blog entries). It might work, might not, but I’d still reckon its worth a shot – of course, your feedback is appreciated. Rather than repeating content from the main site into the blog and vice versa we’ll simply highlight the availability of new articles, take a snippet and again forward through to the main site.

I’m classing it as a music blog as we’ll be highlighting gigs, thoughts on gigs, band news etc while there will be a little more to is. Pseudo-music blog maybe….


note: I should also add that Scuba Dice are a sound bunch of lads and they deserve to be where they are. I was a judge for the 2006 Battle Of The Bands (ran over 4 months) and I had no problem in naming the lads as the 2006 winners of the competition. Best of luck to them as the show progresses….

update:I’ve added an MP3 player to the sidebar which features music drawn directly from Music used on the site is permission based and we’re always extremely thankful of bands who contribute tracks to – cheers!

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