Side Notes

Here I Go Again

Here I go again… I’ll be in Sligo until Monday, likely hitting the surf this afternoon (if I can get up off my desk to hit the road). The three day work week in Kilkenny has been a God send but isn’t it amazing what you can squeeze into three days when you put your…

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Happy New Year To One And All

I’m back, refreshed and missing the water. Having spent almost two weeks away I’m back in Kilkenny well rested after the Christmas. The battery on my E50 died around Stephen’s Day and I never bothered charging it up – thus giving up access to Jaiku for the extra week or so. 2008 is seemingly going…

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ESB Or The Weather – Sort It Out

Power down AGAIN this week, this time from 11am to about 3:10pm. While it gives plenty of time for ever important idea work it really does mess with your physical work. With this being the FOURTH outage since the weekend you can’t help but be annoyed.