Give Me Skype For Christmas

Reading the news yesterday morning, I came across another reason to get me to move to Canada. (not that I would ACTUALLY move, but just another reason to do so). From January 1st, Skype look set to announce their new $29.95 subscription plan that will replaced Skypeout credits. Where previously you bought your credits, made…

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Let Us Snoop VOIP Calls

The Guardian (UK) reports this morning that the Police and various intelligence agencies are still pressing hard to be allowed snoop on VOIP calls. The fact that it is hard to trace VOIP calls “poses significant threats to our democratic society” – seemingly. Its gas. The same thing happened with mobile phones when Eircell and…

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SkypeOut for free?

Whats this now? Before you go getting excited, it’s not gonna happen in Ireland – at least not in the near future anyway. Skype have announced that they are to provide free calls to traditional landlines and mobile phones throught the US and Canada. I had made a post a few months ago stating that…

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Share Your Bandwidth

Take a piece of software, install it on your router, and make free phone calls wherever you go. Thats my taking on FON, a company on which Skype has recently laid down a nice chunk of cash in the hope of spreading the VOIP gospel. The core of the idea is that FON intends to…

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The dark side of VOIP

I had posted recently about the first wedding via a VOIP ceremony in Indonesia recently, and now comes the first suicide, certainly bringing up the darker side of VOIP. Apparently, a user gamer at the weekend took his own life while playing Metal Gear Solid online with his friends, chatting via VOIP, and broadcasting the…

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Tesco go VOIP

Following on the heels of, well, a lot of other places, Tesco are now launching a VOIP service for their customers, giving them internet phone access along with a dedicated phone number which they can use regardless of where in the country they are or move to. What was once a niche market is quickly…

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Irish VOIP Statistics

I was reading a post yesterday, the link escapes me, stating that there’s approximately 450K households in the Netherlands that are VOIP active, roughly accounting for 6% of the population. Has anyone any idea of a place to get accurate statistics on VOIP usage in Ireland?

Home telephony

I reckon that I’ll be a homeowner within the next year to 18 months or so thanks to the fact that my parents are leaving the family home to move to Sligo, what with both my parents establishing new businesses up the country. So I got to thinking… whats the first thing I’d change about…

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VOIP Weddings eh?

Boy meets girl. But he doesn’t actually meet her. Boy exhanges photos with girl. Boy calls girl on Skype. Boy spends $21 on a phone call. Boy and girl married by the end of the call. Or so it goes, something a little like that anyway according to one of my favourite haunts over the…

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