VOIP Weddings eh?

Boy meets girl. But he doesn’t actually meet her.
Boy exhanges photos with girl.
Boy calls girl on Skype.
Boy spends $21 on a phone call.
Boy and girl married by the end of the call.

Or so it goes, something a little like that anyway according to one of my favourite haunts over the past 2 years. The boy and girl of course were Indonesians in their 50s and exchanged wedding vows this week without ever meeting by using the Internet to make up for the oceans that separate them. Wiriadi Sutrisno works as a physiotherapist in California, and Rita Sri Mutiara Dewi is from the Indonesian city of Bandung. They met through the Internet. Sutrisno proposed that way, and they finally exchanged wedding vows in a ceremony using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. A Muslim religious official supervised their exchange of vows, the Jakarta Post reported Friday. “We’ve exchanged photos, chat almost daily and often call each other, but we’ve never met,” Dewi was quoted as saying.

Married eh? The internet just never ceases to amaze….

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