Web 2.0

Bagged Me Flickr Pro Account

With a few hours time on my hands at the weekend, I’ve finally splashed for the Flickr Pro account. At US$24.95 it seems like a fine price but why, Flickr, why don’t you print photos for Ireland eh? Mind you, I did make use of that Photobox offer this week and bagged myself 58 prints…

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Track Web 2.0 Development In The UK

As another possible alternative for the now dead Techcrunch UK (if you’re not already reading the terrific Vecosys), Techscape has launched with a strong focus on tracking Web 2.0 developments in the UK. In fairness, the blog launched back in November but I’ve only discovered it today and have to say, its impressive. Friendly layout,…

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Web 2.0 Companies Starting To Fall

VentureBeat this morning takes a look at some of the names around the ‘web 2.0’ industry that are now starting to crumble and fall including who raised $7m last year in funding only to lay off the majority of its work force recently. cut its entire sales staff and support staff. has…

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Difficulties With PeopleAggregator

Has anyone had any difficulties in installing PeopleAggregator on their own hosting? I sat through it last night and had one or two troubles… Bootstrap install downloaded but never completed Broken links in installation Local config files never created Made my own config files, overall installation just shows a white screen That and everything is…

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From Rumour To Reality – Google Buys Youtube

A text message at half eleven at night to tell me that Google just acquired Youtube. Last week it was just a rumour, now its a US$1.65 billion reality. Guess its one thing that Google, with all their millions, couldn’t make on their own. Will this mark an end to Google Video? Who knows! Techcrunch…

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When Beta Becomes Gamma

I hit Flickr this afternoon as part of another job and noticed that their logo (pictured right) has gone from Flickr Beta to Flickr Gamma… Are we now moving out of the stage of beta web 2.0 services? Can we expect to see gMail Gamma? Or Gamma Mail as it might become known? Anyone aware…

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2.0 Sides To Every Story

Google News picked it up straight out of Ireland’s Silicon Republic as John Kennedy writes how there’s 2.0 sides to every story, following on from the IT@Cork vs O’Reilly debate starting breaking last week…. Genius title!

EI Web 2.0 Presentations Available

Joe Drumgoole has kindly made available on his blog the presentation material from the recent Web 2.0 meet in DCU including presentations by Tablane, Nooked, Sxoop and speakers Jeff Clavier, Marc Canter and all others involved. You may pick them up right here…

Buy A Search Engine… on eBay

DigForIt is on sale…. on eBay no less. I’m not overly worried since I still only turn up number 3 on their search rankings (drawing references from Google, MSN and Yahoo). Must really work on turning up the search engine heat on my own sites. Anyway, DigForIt is a meta search engine, catering for searches…

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Get Web 2.0 Certified

Caught this one yesterday and it amuses me…. Yes folks, you can now get web two certified! If you’ve got rounded corners on your site, have a blog, or maybe stuck in a CC license, or talk about anything mobile then you might just be Web 2.0 certifiable and never knew it! What people get…

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