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Kilkenny Arts Festival Day 2: Bob And Roberta Smith Opens

Bob And Roberta Smith’s show officially opened this afternoon, beginning for us with a trip to the Heritage Council to take in the ‘Bob Walk And Talk’ around some of the sites of Bob And Roberta Smith’s work, pictured (right, above) with the lady posing as Hannah Arendt (I should have gotten her name, will…

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Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013: Day 1

Day one hitting the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival trail as part of the Event Media / Mycrofilms / Ross Costigan powerhouse of coverage. Here’s some select shots from the B cam for the day.

Bob And Roberta Smith: Bonfire

Today was Day 0 for our documentary crew for the 40th Kilkenny Arts Festival and it kicked off with some on-camera chats with Bob and Roberta Smith. Bob’s work is the core of the Visual Arts strand for this year’s festival and this work, Bonfire, can be seen in the reception area of County Hall…

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