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Make Money On YouTube – YouTube Partnerships

There have been some good chats going on locally of late in relation to video content creation and monetising video content online. A mail in the inbox over the weekend prompted me towards the YouTube Partner Programme. On the outside it’s certainly looks more like an option for those who are uploading regularly and clocking…

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Save EUR250 On An iMac

photo credit: KnOizKi You can save €250 on a brand new 24″ Apple iMac. How? By not buying from the Apple store, funnily enough. While I love the Apple store online, and enjoy walking around the physical properties as well, you can’t argue with a saving of €250. In January of this year I told…

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Cost Savings On A Full Driving License

Last year, aged 24, I forked out around €1,220 for comprehensive insurance on my 1.9l Peugeot Partner. My license date and insurance renewal date were in days of each other, the license passing into its second year just before paying out the insurance renewal. The first year I had the van, aged 23, I paid…

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