Cost Savings On A Full Driving License

Last year, aged 24, I forked out around €1,220 for comprehensive insurance on my 1.9l Peugeot Partner. My license date and insurance renewal date were in days of each other, the license passing into its second year just before paying out the insurance renewal.

The first year I had the van, aged 23, I paid out over €1,700 for comprehensive insurance on a first provisional license.

When the letter from SGS (driving test) came in the door a few months back to tell me I would be sitting my test on June 26th I thought it couldn’t have come at a better time. My license would be up for renewal come August, along with the insurance – failing the test would mean moving onto a second provisional and possibily reducing the cost of the insurance. Passing the test would mean a full license and a definite reduction in insurance.

So, delighted as I am having turned 25 in May, passing the driving test in June and picking up my insurance quote from Quinn Direct in the post today to offer me insurance at €560 give or take a few pennies.

The no-claims bonus was represented a saving of around €190 so when you take charges into account (for direct debit payments), I’m still left with an additional saving of around €430 having turned 25 and earned a full license.

Now to direct that saving into something nice…


  1. Cormac July 24, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    That is great news about the saving. I’m in a similar boat to yourself.

    I’m currently on my first provisional license which I only got last August and my insurance with Quinn is up in a few weeks time. I have my full drivers test next Monday and I’m over 25 so hopefully my insurance cost will see a similar drop to that of yours.

  2. Ken McGuire July 25, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Best of luck with the test, Cormac.

    I’ve diverted some of the direct debit savings from the insurance into paying for an O2 mobile BB connection, and still saving another 30 bucks a month with the BB paid for.

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