MySpace, One Way In – No Way Out

MySpace is a strange one. From a musician’s point of view, if you want a profile there it’s easy out. Go to the MySpace music site, register yourself as an artist and away you go. (Note that you have to be on the MySpace music site to do it, or you’ll wind up with a…

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40 Euro Flight Costs 322 Euro – Some sale!

So Aer Lingus are having a sale, cheap seats if you book before June 1st to fly between October and December. I figure it would be a nice time to get a four day break away so I chalk in the first Sunday in October and the seat is a fiver. I need a return…

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Quoted In The Irish Times

Got a few text messages this morning, from my Grannie no less (spell it with an ‘ie’ to keep that hip factor) who found a Ken McGuire quoted in the Irish Times yesterday in Conor Pope’s column which looked at the new seat charges being implemented by Aer Lingus. My comment in full, which was…

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Pain In The MySpace

Honestly, I’ve been trying to register an account on MySpace for someone for the last hour with an email address, trying varying rotations of their home country, language selection, password and their idiotic captcha (which doesn’t offer plaintext or audio support) and EVERY time I’m left with We’re sorry. Based on the information you have…

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Proposed O2 Unavailability

In case you missed it, will ‘unavailable from 7:40pm Saturday 17th until Sunday afternoon’. Anyone want to place a wager on when that Sunday actually is? I’m down for a score on Easter Sunday….

Bebo Now A Political Playground?

Notice to politicians… call to my front door, try flag me down in the street or have a word with me at a gig but keep comments like these off my Bebo page, blog, MySpace…. you get where its going. If this is going to be the “in thing” now in the run up to…

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Newspaper Annoyances

The press release came from It was sent via my email address, ken [at] kilkennymusic DOT com. The name in the header of the email said Ken McGuire – The signature of my email had all over it. The end of the release stated ‘For full details, visit’. So why do…

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