40 Euro Flight Costs 322 Euro – Some sale!

So Aer Lingus are having a sale, cheap seats if you book before June 1st to fly between October and December. I figure it would be a nice time to get a four day break away so I chalk in the first Sunday in October and the seat is a fiver. I need a return date so go for the Thursday, low and behold the seat is a fiver – sorted.

The fare is one way, so you pay a fiver out and a fiver back. Four of us went in April, so I figure four seats would be grand – 4 * (5*2) = 40.

Total cost of the flight? €322. To the penny. Taxes and charges per person are 64.59 making your flight €74.59 before you leave the airport. Then you’ve got a “handling fee”, presumably the way Ticketmaster have handling fee – PER TICKET – of six bucks, so now you’re on €80.59 before you add bags. If each person brings a bag out and back we’re nearing the 400 quid mark.

Not exactly a fiver now is it? Didn’t get around to clicking that ‘confirm’ button in the end.


  1. keith bohanna May 31, 2007 at 7:17 am

    You have revamped again since last I was here!

    This pricing V expectations is down to the likes of Coonan – that is what they learn in college so they can pull you in 🙂

    Your cynical edge is getting there – just needs a little more sharpening and soon you will be mired in the disillusionment of middle age.


  2. Ken McGuire May 31, 2007 at 8:04 am

    Yeah, a little revamp to join a few of the blogs into the same design, or a brand of some sort.

    Middle age cynicism? Ooooo!

    Mind you, the flights are still cheap when you compare them to my April trip which wound up costing around 170 a head for the flight alone as opposed to the 80 odd above…

  3. Pavlos June 1, 2007 at 11:22 am

    I don’t get who they (airlines) think they’re fooling with this type of marketing. The full price is going to come up sooner or later before someone confirms the booking. Perhaps they think after someone has gone through so many steps and has filled in so many forms they’ll say what the heck and go ahead and buy instead of going through the same process again.

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