Mobile Internet

I Should Really Get Mobile Broadband

I’ve noticed a change in my blogging trends of late. The free time that I wish to dedicate to blog posts finds me in areas where my connectivity is completely restricted. My work within the theatre has increased dramatically (no pun intended) over the last few weeks (I spent the last two weeks of June…

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Nokia 770 Discontinued?

A friend of mine called me at lunch time today asking me to order him a Nokia 770 which I’m currently enjoying playing with. So I log onto and I’m presented with this error. Ok, I figure, the Google index could be wrong. So I hit the eXpansys homepage and notice that the shiny…

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Nokia 770 In The Wild

There must be a fair few Irish bloggers getting up this morning to DHL deliveries, or from during this week anyway, as Expansys shipped their new stock of Nokia 770 internet tablets into the wild, one of them arriving on my desk late yesterday afternoon. As with every new gadget, instruction kits and leaflets were…

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31% With Mobile Web Access Use It

Doing the mobile browse this evening, Stephen Wellman writes that of 77% of users questioned in a European survey across the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain (no Ireland eh?) with mobile web access, only 31% actually make use of it. The percentage in the US goes that bit higher, with 41% out of 71%…

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