Nokia 770 Discontinued?

Nokia 770A friend of mine called me at lunch time today asking me to order him a Nokia 770 which I’m currently enjoying playing with. So I log onto and I’m presented with this error. Ok, I figure, the Google index could be wrong. So I hit the eXpansys homepage and notice that the shiny Nokia 770 button that decorated the right sidebar is missing.

A little digging around later and Justin Mason reveals that the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet has been discontinued, eXpansys are no longer stocking it. Sure enough, they’re (Nokia) hyping up the Nokia 800, the successor to the 770, but did many people know about the discontinuation? Is this the possible reason for the recent dramatic drop in price or are Nokia and eXpansys sick of sending out 770s to Irish bloggers and gadget-heads?


  1. Paul Briant August 5, 2007 at 7:18 pm

    Nokia 770, for £79.99 at

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  3. Des August 8, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I figure most folk thought that the recent cheap price was a way of clearing stock – it seems to have been cheap from quite a few vendors.

    It was good value and it’s a nice unit and maybe it’s Nokias way of dragging us all into the N800 fold ( must upgrade, must upgrade) ?

  4. SOLIDUS February 6, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    I’d just like to say a few things about the old 770. I bought mine brand spanking new when they came out, which was a bad idea I suppose. (You should never really buy revision one hardware, wait for rev.2 or something.)

    After about six months, I got pretty tired of the handicapped Opera 8 browser and the ultimate crapfest known as the Email client.

    This eventually caused me to lower my 770 usage. I switched to a Palm Life Drive for a while, which seemed to run a little better.

    But recently, I wanted my 770 back after looking at the Nokia 800 and 810 models. (I couldn’t justify spending more money on an 810 when I had basically the same thing collecting dust in my gadget drawer.) I missed the opportunity to sit in a coffee shop with my headphones on listening to Soma FM internet radio while checking out my favorite blogs.

    So I had to look around, and see what I could find for my 770 to make it better.

    This is what I did. (Pretty minimal.)

    For the browser, I installed Minimo which you can download here :

    It’s a slimmed down Mozilla browser for use on the 770. Really nice, and works a lot better then the Opera 8. (IMO)

    For email, I installed Claws mail, which you can download here :

    With these two simple additions to my N770, I’m getting a lot more out of it. I have of course tried OS2007HE, but after the novelty wore off, I found out that everything I needed and wanted could be done within the OS2006.

    Hope this helps fellow N770 users as well.

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