Video Blogging

Video Blogging Is In For 2009

I was wondering was 2009 going to be the year for video blogging in Ireland and if the month of January is anything to go by, I reckon I’m not far off. For the past few months I’ve been happily sitting behind the camera (N95) showing off food (those brownies were delicious), the office, talking…

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First Post To Seesmic (Embedded)

I’m still in the office, here’s the first post I’ve placed on Seesmic after picking up my invitation code (along with many others today). Within a few minutes of posting there were direct video responses from both Cathy Brooks and Loic Le Meur (who seem to like Ireland). Nice to see the video conversation (or…

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It Pays To Video Blog

Picked up a post from Kevin Lim’s blog earlier this morning who had been talking with Amanda Congdon, part of the group behind the daily video blog, RocketBoom. The interesting thing about it? Her video blog is now getting 300,000 hits a day Her video blog is now earning her €67,286.71 a week in advertising…

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