First Post To Seesmic (Embedded)

I’m still in the office, here’s the first post I’ve placed on Seesmic after picking up my invitation code (along with many others today). Within a few minutes of posting there were direct video responses from both Cathy Brooks and Loic Le Meur (who seem to like Ireland). Nice to see the video conversation (or responses) in action first hand.

Watching some of Deek Deekster’s videos from earlier today highlighted some issues with people spamming the timeline with random clips from YouTube, something which would certainly take from the more intimate nature of Seesmic. Outside of the spam in the timeline, there are offerings to be found from other Irish users like Brian Greene, James Corbett, Bernie Goldbach, Joe Garde, Conor O’Neill and many more.

Not one to jump in front of a video camera without hesitation but I’ve always had an interest in video blogging, particularly something I’d like to do if I was travelling the world.

While it’s only in pre-alpha (if you can go back that far), there is talk of a bridge between Qik and Seesmic for mobile streaming. I would like to see a search option (as would many others I imagine), along with an option to post (and tag) directly to your blog. But that’s just for starters.


  1. Ina January 21, 2008 at 9:08 pm

    Hey Ken,

    Seesmic is great!

    Great to see you on it.


  2. Ken McGuire January 21, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    Ah sure it’s good to try something different don’t you think!

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