Two businesses better than one?

So many of you that I’ve been speaking to over the summer will know that I’m the co-founder of a new communications company based in Kilkenny, ‘Event Ireland‘, and we specialise in providing, well, online communications solutions! This includes fully comprehensive web and print design, graphic design, new media development, marketing, advertising…. a whole range of products and services under the one roof!

Anyway, most of you also know my involvement with music and as such it wasn’t going to take long to fuse the business with the music and so was born.

So if you’ve got the time, spread the word, take a look at Event Ireland (which is going under phase 3 development offline at the moment), and – tell your friends, your families, give me a shout on the mail and let me know what you think! Any of you interested in getting gigs in Kilkenny be sure and let me know, I’ll get you on the site first and then work on the music side of things! Doesn’t cost you anything to join up by the way… one of the perks!

I’d say ‘tell them Ken sent you’ but that would just be pure cheesey now, wouldn’t it…!! Event Ireland

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