Blogs 13 – Podcasts 12

Picked up a press release earlier this morning on the findings of a recent EIAA survey, with some new interesting facts about internet usage in Europe.

  • 17% increase in time spent online across Europe
  • European super internet users revealed with 24% spending over 16 hours a week online
  • France tops Euro league spending 13 hours per week online
  • 29% of Europeans download music at least once a month
  • 10% of Europeans have made telephone calls over the web

Whats more interesting is the figures relating to blogging and podcasting…

Blogging is also becoming increasingly popular with 13% regularly contributing to online blogging sites while 12% are downloading podcasts at least once a month. Even very new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP) are proving popular with consumers with 10% of Europeans are already using the internet to make telephone calls

Given that in the EU there are approx 460,270,935 (thats a good guess), that means there are 59,835,221 people (again, approx figure) that blog regularly throughout Europe!

Where is everyone hiding??? Visit the EIAA website or read the article in full.

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