Daft.ie worth €15 million?

If you happened to read the Irish Independant on Saturday (don’t ask me how I was reading the Irish Independant on Saturday, but I was!) and turned to page 3, there was a very nice writeup on Daft.ie.

Set up by Brian and Eamonn Fallon as a spin of a project of Brian’s going through the education system as we all do, Daft has become massive over the past few years and advertises around 140k properties a year for rent with a further 20k for sale over 45 countries.

I remember using it myself when heading off to college first and was impressed by its relative ease of use. What I was amazed to read is that given the work on the site, its traffic and potential revenue that there was a price tag put on the site, estimated at between 10 and 15 million Euro.

Thats a whole lotta euro!

Of course, the brothers say that its not for sale, but nice to see an independant Irish website doing so well!

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