Talkin’ bout gMail

There’s a whole lot of talk going on about Google tying GMail and GoogleTalk together under the interface. Now, I’m a great fan of GoogleTalk – it’s simple and does exactly what it should. Sure, it could do with an extra feature or two (group chat maybe) but why go messing with the system? The one big plus is that it should help Mac users out if it can be accessed via a web interface.

Now, its supposed to be launching tomorrow (Wednesday) and I got a lovely little pop up when I opened Googletalk earlier telling me that since Googletalk was going to be integrated with GMail that they would be archiving chat transcripts along with your email. My only thought on this was the advertising. There’s enough people out their unhappy that Google scan your email while it sits on the server in order to deliver targeted adverts in the form of adsense – but would I be right in guessing that the archived conversations are going to be scanned for targeted ads when you look at them?

I dunno, everybody says that its going to be great – ok, maybe not everybody, but “people” say it will be great, personally, I’ve got my doubts.

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