US In A Cyber Storm

Cyber security is critical to protecting our nation’s infrastructure, in 5,000 words or less. I can see it coming up on the leaving cert papers in the future, never mind the fact that it’s already being tackled in colleges and ITs across the country. The US government, however, belive it and set about proving it as the Department of Homeland Security in the US have just completed ‘Cyber Storm’, a week-long excercise carried out in the basement of the Secret Service in DC.

“Cyber Storm reportedly not only tested against attacks by hackers, but also by bloggers – who deliberately spread misinformation in the exercise.” Interesting note about the bloggers. The news comes via BBC, but you’d wonder if the Irish government would ever think along the same lines? Considering that I think the future of terrorism lies beyond bombs – you wipe out the Internet and we’re all done for!

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