PS3 Delay – No Surprise There

For a console thats gonna cost Sony almost 900 bucks per unit, its no wonder that the release date for the PS3 keeps slipping away, all the while the XBOX 360 continues to soar. By the time the PS3 hits Irish stores, the ‘360 will have had almost 12 months of the market to itself in terms of next-gen consoles.

The tentative date for the release of Sony’s new silver monster is November of this year and they’re going to go global as well instead of the originally planned phased launch (Japan first, then the US, then EU).

Whats so good about the PS3?

  • Blu-ray technology
  • HD Support
  • DSL Ready
  • Wireless connectivity
  • 60GB HD

No doubt it will be topping the big boys Christmas list this year… though I’m still set on picking up an XBOX 360, albeit I’m quite happy with my current XBOX.

After all the rumours and blog posts and news coverage, it isn’t really a shock to hear that it’s being held up for another few months, just a bit of a disappointment. I know there’s a hardcore PlayStation following, but I’ll be real interested to see the war between Microsoft and Sony when it all comes to launch.

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